Here I will be share About of Windows7themesBD Blog and Minhaz Uddin (Author of Windows7themesBD).

About Windows7themesBD

Windows7themesBD started in 1st June in 2011.
On this blog, We are post about below category:

1. window 7 themes
2. windows 7 themes free download
3. windows themes
4. themes for windows 7
5. desktop themes
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7. windows 7 custom themes
8. windows 8 themes for windows 7
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11. latest windows 7 themes

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Minhaz Uddin___Author of Windows7themesBD. A Mechanical Engineer student and part-time blogger/Freelancer. I was born in 30th October 1995 in Bangladesh. I know only three languages English, Bangla and Hindi. My favorite hobby is blogging and Internet Browsing.Stay with me for more and more article by this blog. Happy Blogging!!!

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